Empowering Through Education

Empowering Through Education

More than half of girls lose confidence during puberty, with the onset of menstruation marking the lowest point confidence. One of the key reasons for this is a lack of information. Two out of every three girls who enter puberty don’t know enough about what is happening to their bodies. Always wants to change that.

Always Puberty & Confidence Education Program

The Always Puberty and Confidence Education Program has helped girls, teachers and parents for more than 35 years by providing free educational resources and samples that help girls understand the changes they will go through during puberty and how to cope with them. It also teaches confidence-building skills and educate both boys and girls about the changes they’ll go through at puberty.


To find out more about the education program in the US, and how to get involved – visit this website http://www.pgschoolprograms.com


A girl that is empowered to manage her menstruation safely, hygenically, with confidence, and without shame is more likely to stay in school once she reaches puberty.

Thorsten Kiefer
Founder and CEO of WASH United


Help Girls Embrace Failure as Fuel to Build Their Confidence

Always #LIKEAGIRL Tip SheetAt puberty, 50% of girls feel paralyzed by the fear of failure*. This leads to girls avoiding trying new things because they’re too afraid to fail. But the truth is, failing is a good thing! It helps us learn, grow and ultimately build confidence.

To help you encourage girls you know to embrace failure as fuel, check out these tips from Rachel Simmons - New York Times best-selling author and confidence expert.

* Based on a 2017 study among US girls aged 16-24

Help Keep Girls in Sports

Sport is critical to build and maintain girls’ confidence and yet, many girls quit sports at puberty. To help them feel they belong in sports and empower them to stay in sports, Always has developed ready-to-use tools for teachers, coaches, organizations and parents.Download here

Teaching Confidence with TED

Teaching Confidence with TED

In a unique partnership, TED joined the Always #LikeAGirl mission as a Confidence Teaching Partner to help empower girls.

TED & Always teamed  up to develop TED-Ed educational videos, sharing with educators, students & young girls the latest knowledge on how girls can retain confidence at puberty. Learn more about TED-Ed on ed.ted.com.

3 tips to boost your confidence – here
How menstruation works – here
How sports impact confidence – here

Always #LikeAGirl Confidence Summit

Like a Girl Confidence Summit

Learn more from leading confidence experts and be inspired by young girls from around the world.

On July 7, 2015, the Always #LikeAGirl Confidence Summit series kicked off across 10 cities around the world. During the conferences, we unveiled the new Always Confidence Teaching Curriculum, which was created in partnership with TED and leading confidence and education experts. The event featured thought leaders, educators and inspiring young girls.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch the amazing speakers' performances: